problems with nec and battery

Thomas Farrell (starnet!apple!!tfarrell)
Sat, 11 Dec 1993 15:54:52 -0500

Well, as I believe I mentioned the other day, the replacement battery I got from
NEC is no good, and I'm trying to get them to replace it. I called NEC yesterday
at 800-388-8888, and every time I tried to describe to them what the problem
is they transferred me to someone else before I could say anything. Finally the
fifth person I spoke to stayed on the line long enough to tell me I had to
call the battery hotline back and complain. When I told her I had done so and
they had refused to help me, she transferred me into oblivion from which no
person ever emerged to rescue me, so I eventually hung up on them. I then
called the battery hotline back and spoke to them, and explained the situation
and the response I've gotten on the phone. I further explained that I'm no
longer asking for the correct procedure, because it's clear that there isn't
one, and I'm now simply demanding that they ship me a mailer to replace the
battery immediately. I stated that I sent them a working machine and they
sent me back a nonworking one, and that I'm very angry. I said if I haven't
received anything in two business days I'm going to call back and see what's
going on, and if no action is being taken I'm going to report NEC to the
state of Massachusetts for fraud.

If anyone else is having any similar problems, I'd be delighted to hear from
you - perhaps we can put pressure on NEC together. If anyone has any further
ideas on how I can put pressure on NEC, I'd like to hear them too.