New battery life

David Brahm (starnet!apple!fermi.PHYS.CMU.EDU!brahm)
Thu, 9 Dec 93 23:37:18 -0500

I mailed my first battery (of 3) off in mid-October; I received a check in
mid-November, and the new battery at the beginning of December.

At full CPU speed and high lighting, sitting idle, the UltraLite's "low bat"
light/warning came on in 60 min., and the screen went blank after 68 min. I'd
guess, without actually having done the test, the old battery was more like
90 min. / 110 min. (Note that after the "low bat" light came on, and the
screen lighting went low automatically, I reset the lighting to high again.

I probably wouldn't willingly exchange batteries except for the $100 incentive.
I'm still holding on to my 3rd one until I'm convinced the replacements work
OK. E.g. I think my modem is being flaky, but I'm not sure yet.

-- David Brahm (