Re: Battery charge light never goes off

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2-DEC-1993 22:35:00.58

I haven't had the "battery light never goes off" problem,
but I have noticed that if I leave the unit plugged in
after the charge light goes out, it comes back on sometime
later, then goes out again.
I spent more than an hour calling various NEC numbers today
trying to get some feedback on this. The battery hotline referred me
to tech support which (after a long wait on hold) tried to send me
back to the battery folks. Finally, after being transferred twice,
I was left on hold for a half hour, walked away from the phone, did the dishes,
came back and was still on hold, so I hung up.
If anyone else wants to try, the recommended phone was 800/388-8888 ex2,
then ex 4 for laptop service.
Only one of my two batteries has arrived, so I can't make comparisons.
Anyone else?
Bob in Newport RI
PS The charge light comes back on even if the machine has not been used
(on AC) during the recharge period.