Re: Number for NEC?

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Mon, 22 Nov 93 14:01:29 -0500

The battery hotline number is 1-800-237-2913; however, this is not NEC, but
some marketing company.

I spoke today with a woman named Vicki Rickard (1-800-388-8888, x4834) who
does work for NEC. I had been leaving messages for her for about a week and a
half, and she never got back to me; turns out she was out of the office, like
I was supposed to know that. Anyway, I asked her to refund my shipping for the
batteries I sent back, since I had to pay for it myself to get insurance. She
was pretty snotty about it, and said she'd see what she could do. She told me
flat out that if I sent the batteries back uninsured, and they got lost, I'd
be out of luck, and I said that this was absurd. Her attitude is "Hey, it's a
generous offer; shut you mouth and be grateful." My attitude is that
multi-billion $ multi-national corporations don't do things to be good Joes,
and if they thought they could get away with less than what they're doing for
less than it's costing them, they would. I.e., if the problem was that the
batteries were just wearing out faster than spec, we'd be getting offers to
replace them at "only" $50 per battery, and if they had the batteries on hand
they wouldn't be offering us $100 to keep us from screaming about having
non-portable "laptop" computers for one to two months. As it is, they've got a
sizable product liability exposure, and probably more than a few UL owners
who'd be mighty unhappy campers and/or continue using their old batteries if
they didn't offer the $100 bribe.

Sorry if this sounds cynical, but when it comes to corporate America (or
Japan), I am.