Re: Molicell Battery Recall

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Tue, 09 Nov 93 12:29:47 -0500

I finally got around to sending in my first pair of batteries. I walked into
the Post Office, plunked the package down on the counter, and announced that
I'd like it insured for $320. The clerk said "Can't do that." I said, "well,
how about just proof of delivery/return receipt?" That was a "no can do" too.
If I want to insure, or get a return receipt, I'll have to obliterate
everything on the label having to do with the postage paid-ness, and pay for
the postage (and insurance, etc.) myself.

I called the NECbatteryHotline, and a surprised person there hemmed and hawed
a bit when I asked what would happen if my two batteries ended up in the
USPS's Postal Bermuda Triangle, and finally said that he didn't think there
was anything I could do in that case; he didn't say "S.O.L.", but that's about
the size of it. He said that they haven't had any problems yet, but then how
would he know if they had...?

So -- I'm crossing out all the bar-codes and paying the shipping myself. Just
a word to the paranoid...or those who've experienced a Postal Loss in the
past, and just don't want to take a chance.