Re: got second battery mailer (2-3 weeks)

Darryl Davidson (starnet!apple!!davidson)
Thu, 4 Nov 1993 19:12:01 -0500 (EST) writes:
>Brian Smithson wrote:
>>Same here -- second mailer arrived, no check or batteries for the first
>>two I sent back. I'm kinda holding onto that third battery for a little
>Hmm, you might want to let them know that... I took my time about returning my
>them I was busy and I'd get around to it. They asked me to please send it
>asap... they sounded almost desperate. Sort of makes me wonder how dangerous
>they think these things are!

Anyone else get this impression? I mailed two and kept two, and when I
announced this intention to NEC's agent, she gave me a "We-ll-ll, you are
free to do this, but we recommend returning them all." My impression of
her tone was not desperation... more like someone that cannot risk the
legal hassle of saying "Well, it is ok to use them for another couple of
months." To be honest, I can't afford the loss of battery-powered use,
since that is WHY I own the machine. Given a choice, I'd rather have
a battery than $100...

Maybe not $200, though. ];)

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