Re: got second battery mailer

Todd C. Hart ((no email))
Tue, 2 Nov 93 21:02:09 CST

> Same here -- second mailer arrived, no check or batteries for the first
> two I sent back. I'm kinda holding onto that third battery for a little
> while...
> --
> -Brian Smithson
Since I've been in the habit of using the ulite more as a modem in every room
I easily gave up the battery. I'm also hoping maybe they're waiting to get
all of my batteries before cutting a check. Here's hoping. I'll give it
3 more weeks before I start calling about the check. The letter did say
2 weeks for a check, 30-60 days for the batteries. I have a feeling it will
arrive when I need it to pay some bill and I won't be able to buy anything fun.


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