RE: Molicell Battery Recall

(no name) ((no email))
25-OCT-1993 21:56:42.06

I called NEC after seeing the first postabout the recall. They said they
would send me a form and a mailer. (My address has changed since I
bought the machine.)
A week later a mailer and form arrived -- addressed to and forwarded from
my old address, which I did not give them on the phone.
I called back and was told the mailers I asked for could take
weeks to get here.
Meanwhile, I keep feeling queasy each time I plug the recharger in...
<grin> <quease> <grin>
Unrelated question -- Do any of you ULclubbers have any experience
rigging a laptop to run on solar cells and an auto/boat battery?
I've been told this should be easy to do with a Tandy Model 100
or HP Omnibook (?) as both have 6volt DC connectors.
A friend of mine runs a lighthouse-restoration group and wants to
set up a data-collecting laptop on the lighthouse island (Rose
Island) in Newport (RI)