RE: Molicell Battery Recall

Jack Schudel ((SCHUDEL@NERVM)")
Mon, 25 Oct 93 16:58:37 EDT

On Mon, 25 Oct 93 12:20 PDT Farrell said:
>I called NEC some time back about the recall, and as my computer needs minor
>modifications to take the new batteries, they offered to ship me a box and
>prepaid fedex form to ship it to them in. The box arrived by fedex the next
>business day, and all seemed well... until I noticed that the enclosed letter
>said I should return the computer with a form enclosed with my recall packet.
>However, I never GOT a recall packet, I heard about the recall on the net. I
>called NEC, and they agreed to fax me the form, and it never arrived. I am
>therefore calling them back today to ask for a fax again. If you get this info
>on the net and call nec for info, make sure they send you that form, as they
>tell me they won't accept the machine without it.

The same thing happened to me (got the box without the form). I called
NEC at the number on the cover letter in the box, and the person at the
other end said to just include the normal stuff that you would expect --
name, address, phone, model/serial numbers, where/when you got the machine,
etc. He said the most important part was the telephone number.

Mine went off last week. The cover letter claimed that I should get it
back in about 7 days (with the battery following in 30-60 days <groan>).

I never got the recall letter, which is strange, since I have had it
since 07/89, and turned in the original warranty card. I wonder who
they mailed the letter to?