RE: Molicell Battery Recall

Farrell ((no email))
25 Oct 1993 11:57:35 +0800

I called NEC some time back about the recall, and as my computer needs minor
modifications to take the new batteries, they offered to ship me a box and
prepaid fedex form to ship it to them in. The box arrived by fedex the next
business day, and all seemed well... until I noticed that the enclosed letter
said I should return the computer with a form enclosed with my recall packet.
However, I never GOT a recall packet, I heard about the recall on the net. I
called NEC, and they agreed to fax me the form, and it never arrived. I am
therefore calling them back today to ask for a fax again. If you get this info
on the net and call nec for info, make sure they send you that form, as they
tell me they won't accept the machine without it.