Molicell Battery Recall

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Mon, 25 Oct 93 08:47:27 CST

I received this letter in the mail recently and thought it would be of interest
to the members of the list. Has anyone participated in this recall?

NEC Technologies, Inc.
1414 Massachusetts Avenue
Boxborough, Massachusetts 01719-2298
Telephone (508) 264-8000
Fax (508) 264-8673


September 29, 1993

Dear NEC Customer:

The information contained in this letter applies only to current users of
the original NEC notebook computer, model nos. PC-17-01 and PC-17-02
manufactured for the U.S. from December 1988 to April 1990. If you are
still using this product, please closely read and follow the steps outlined
in this letter. If you are no longer using this product and have resold it
or given it to someone else, please forward this letter to them or feel
free to contact NEC at 1-800-237-2913.

NEC Technologies (NECTECH) has found that the main lithium metal battery
system used in the original NEC notebook no longer meets our standards of
quality and, as a result, we are recalling the battery for this product.
Battery packs found in seven units, out of 13,000 manufactured, have
reportedly shorted out during recharging, irreparably damaging the unit
leading to smoke and/or fire. This recall does not affect any other
component of the notebook.

The following instructions will help you identify, discharge, return and
replace the main lithium metal battery of your notebook PC-17-01 or
PC-17-02. Recognizing the inconvenience this may cause you, NEC will send
you a check for $100 per battery pack and a replacement battery within 60
days. (Keep in mind, that after having removed your lithium metal battery,
your system can still be used safely with the power cord and AC adapter of
your unit.) The replacement battery, composed of Nickel Metal Hydride
(NiMH), uses state-of-the-art technology.

1. Identify: The original NEC notebook computers (Model nos. PC-17-01 AND
PC-17-02) were manufactured with two styles of batteries -- hard pack and
soft pack. The hard pack is end-user removable, the soft pack is not. To
identify which type of battery your unit contains, turn it over and observe
the battery compartment (approximately 2 x 4 inches). Refer to the
enclosed illustration.

If your unit has a black metal cover over the battery compartment held in
with one screw, the battery is a soft pack and is non-removable. If this
is the case, please contact NECTECH directly at 1-800-237-2913 to arrange
for a factory replacement.

If your unit has a black hard plastic cover with a groove in one end and
held in with one screw, your battery is a hard pack and is removable.
(Note: This will permanently remove the battery compartment cover but will
not prevent operation. Please use the enclosed peel and stick temporary

2. Discharge: Once you have identified that your unit has a hard pack,
removable battery, and before you remove it from the system, we ask that
you discharge it. This is easily done by turning on the system (without
being plugged in) and allowing the battery to run down. This will take a
maximum of 90 minutes or less.

3. Removal: To remove your hard pack battery, use a screwdriver to remove
the single screw on the black plastic cover. Insert a screwdriver or coin
in the groove and gently lift out the battery. This will leave your
notebook without a battery until a replacement can be provided. Use the
peel and stick temporary cover to keep moisture and foreign objects out of
the unit. In the meantime, you may continue to use your notebook by
plugging the unit into the AC adapter.

4. Return: Please complete the enclosed form. The information you provide
is our means of returning a check for $100 to you and sending you a
replacement pack. Insert the completed form and the hard pack battery into
the postage-paid shipping envelope provided and drop it off at your local
post office. Should you have any questions or need additional shipping
materials for multiple batteries, please call us at 1-800-237-2913.

Once we've received the PC-17-01 or PC-17-02 battery, we'll send you a
check for $100 within two weeks. We will ship you a battery pack as soon
as they are available which we expect will be within 30 to 60 days.

If you have any questions about this battery recall and replacement
program, please contact us at 1-800-237-2913 between 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST,
Monday through Friday.

Thank you.


Basil E. Bennett
Vice President
Customer Service and Support

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