Re: Battery...

Bradley S. Corsello (starnet!apple!po.CWRU.Edu!bsc7)
Tue, 28 Sep 93 01:00:45 -0400

>Well, even with the serial number, it wouldn't stop me from buying 2-3
>more batteries and getting my $100 each. I could plausbily argue that
>I have 5 batteries since I wanted to be prepared if they weren't
>available, right? ;-) Of course, I only have 3, but how do you know I
>didn't just buy up the last two in order to get a cheap $200 ;-)

Are we sure it's $100 per battery? Maybe it's $100 per person. That would
make more sense.

BTW, has anyone else tried operating their Ultra without a battery? I did,
and everything seemed to work fine except the modem. Characters would be
mysteiously lost at random. Also, the LOW BAT light kept flashing dimly.

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