Battery recall article, with phone #!

Bradley S. Corsello (starnet!apple!po.CWRU.Edu!bsc7)
Sun, 26 Sep 93 19:24:51 -0400

Here's an article I found on NEXIS regarding the recall. My apologies for
the sloppy formatting.

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September 24, 1993, Friday


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HEADLINE: NEC recalls battery in notebook computer


NEC Technologies Inc. (NECT) is recalling the main battery unit in its
original notebook computer, models PC-17-01 and PC-17-02. According to
NECT,13,000 units were manufactured for the U.S. and Canadian markets from
December1988 to April 1990. Seven incidents have been reported in which a
short circuit
occurred when the lithium metal battery was being recharged, causing the
systemto short out, irreparably damaging the unit resulting in smoke and/or
fire. The
defective lithium metal battery pack is found only in notebook models
and PC-17-02. No other NEC computers are affected by the recall.

NECT will replace the defective main battery with a nickel-metal-hydride
battery -- the latest technology. Consumers who own the NEC model
notebooknos. PC-17-01 and PC-17-02 should contact NEC at 1-800-237-2913
to arrange
to return the old battery pack and receive a new one. Having removed the
lithiummetal battery, the notebook computer can be operated safely with the
computer'sAC adapter while awaiting the replacement battery pack. NEC has
undertakenextenstive efforts to directly contact end-users of the
aforementioned notebook
computer models.

NEC Technologies Inc. is a leading supplier of computers and
peripheralsfor the North American market. NECT is a subsidiary of NEC

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