Re: NEC battery recall

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Sun, 26 Sep 1993 01:39:12 -0400 (EDT)

It's the Molicel main battery pack.

Molicels are propritary rechargable Lithium batteries. From day
one they have been concerned with potential saftey issues,
especially when charging.

When they were introduced I was interested in using them in
portable radio applications as the had about twice the energy
density of NiCads. They refused to sell any individual cells
unless I was a big OEM, or bought my charger from them.

Another very bad sign was no other manufacturer had second
sourced the technology.

Recently I had heard of other saftey failuers and had vagiuly
thought Molicel had gone belly up.

So how do we get our brand new :-) batteries ?

Steve Finberg