Re: NEC battery recall

Brian Smithson (
Sat, 25 Sep 1993 20:30:06 -0700

I've included the article, below. But which battery is it? Isn't it
the lithium battery found in RAMcards, and not the NiCd silicon disk backup
nor the Molicel main battery?


Associated Press: NEC Recalls Notebook Battery

NEC Technologies Inc. said Friday it was recalling the main battery in its
original notebook computer, which was sold in the United States and Canada from
December 1988 to April 1990.

Seven incidents have been reported in which a short circuit occurred when the
battery was being recharged, causing irreparable damage and sometimes smoke or
fire, the company said.

The defective lithium metal battery is found in NEC computer models PC-17-01
and PC-17-02. About 13,000 units are affected.

The company said it will replace the battery with a nickel-metal-hydride
battery, which uses newer technology.

The company is a unit of NEC Corp., the world's fourth-largest maker of PCs.


-Brian Smithson