UL vendors...

Tom M. Payne ((no email))
01 Sep 1993 12:20:12 CDT

Well, bad news is still news.

I called around yesterday to see if I could find anyone who sells accessories
for the Ultralite. (In particular, I am looking for a battery pack, FDD and
memory upgrade.) So far I have found no one (at reasonable prices). Here is the
results of my search:

NEC - still has parts; too expensive; $99 for batteries (I think)

DAK - still has parts; too expensive; $69 for batteries
#5821 - only a few left

Thaddeus Computing (was Personal Computing) 800-373-6114
Thaddeus now specializes in the HP100's
They suggested calling NewTech (602-731-7211); Their answering machine says
they are "Locore Technologies" (sp?). I left a message but they haven't
called back.

IME (800-999-1911)
Don't know if they exist anymore. I got an answering machine for "Tiffany
Jackson." I left a message looking for IME, but Tiffany hasn't called back.

Technology Resource (508-481-1400)
They answer as "PMI" now. It doesn't look good, but a guy named "Benton" is
supposed to call me back.

I am not very hopeful about this quest. Is it worth $70 for two hours worth of
battery time? Are any kludges available? Maybe I'll just be happy with a
lightweight terminal that I have to plug in. I'll get something else for
portable note taking, etc.

I'll keep you informed.