Sanjay Sinha (starnet!apple!!sanjay)
Mon, 30 Aug 93 10:40:39 EDT


The high pitched screen buzz from the screen is normal.
The fluroscenCClight used for lighting makes that noise and it is
the way it runs.

You can get batteries fro JEM computers for I think 29$. Look into
the faq for tel no. (standard disclaimers - me and jem)

If by any chance you UL is very old, the battery will not match.
Old machines use batteries with a cable and a connector. Newer
systems have a dual connector pin system. When my battery was dead,
I got a new one and it didi not fit.
Called NEC and they arranged for a nearby NEC dealer to upgrade
my system at their expense. ( It is a ten minute job) While
upgrading they took my old dead battery and gave me a CCCCCCbattery.

Now I have a spare battery courtesy NEC.


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