Re: unsubscribe

Brian Smithson (
Fri, 30 Jul 1993 07:59:44 -0700

On Jul 30, 8:03am, Oz Barron wrote:
> Subject: unsubscribe
> I've been trying to unsubscribe, without any success, help?
>-- End of excerpt from Oz Barron

Try harder :-)

Actually, you had sent a message to with the
command "unsubscribe ultralite-list oz barron", which makes sense given
that you subscribe with "subscribe ultralite-list oz barron".

Unfortunately, this yucky listserv program _rejects_ unsubscribe
messages if they include the firstname and lastname after the listname.
Dumb, but true. I'll try to get around to fixing it...

In the meantime, the correct way to unsubscribe is to send a message
to in which the message body contains:

unsubscribe ultralite-list

(I add the "quit" because people often automatically append a .signature,
and listserv sends various complaints about that back to the person)

BTW, Oz, I'll unsubscribe you from here just 'cuz I'm a nice guy!

-Brian Smithson