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Brian Smithson (
Fri, 30 Jul 1993 07:23:05 -0700

On Jul 16, 7:32pm, eh? wrote:
> Subject: new-user q's
> I've alotta niggling questions about my UL 1702 (bought used), all of which
> might easily be answered if I had a hardware manual for same... Anyone know
> where I might obtain one? Sam's Photofacts maybe?

You can order the service manual from NEC, but it's not all that enlightening.
I bought a copy a while back and reviewed its contents -- see digest-010.

> anyway- some questions:
> I should have the 2mb "silicon disk", but FORMAT shows only about 960kb...
> I thot that was cuz the rest served as system ram, but see that the manual
> contends one needs TWO 1.4mb floppies to backup a full 2mb ramdisk... am I
> missing something here?

That does sound pretty strange. It should format to close to 2MB. The 640KB
of system RAM is seperate from the silicon disk. Are you sure you have a
2MB silicon disk? It should have a silkscreened number "HMC-253B" if it's 2MB,
otherwise it will be "HMC-253C" for 1MB.

> Is there a way to "piggy-back" RAM to get a larger "silicom disk"? (hardware
> hackers out there?)

There's been some discussion about making >512KB RAM cards (for the ROM/RAMcard
slot, not for the silicon disk) but no action that I'm aware of. See the
pin-out and memory map in digest-014.

> Who knows the "parallel port" pinout- is it standard except for connector
> size? Izzit possible to use a parallel port floppy on this beast? (JEM has run
> out of cheap NEC-UL floppy drives)

The port you're talking about (marked "EXT" on the ultralite case) is a
non-standard peripheral bus. You need either an ultralite floppy drive or
an ultralite parallel port adaptor connected to it for it to be of much use.
I don't think I ever posted the pin-out of that port, and so just for fun
I'll do it in a seperate message.

> I have the "non-user-replaceable" battery case (but no battery)- does someone
> know the internal battery connection pinout? Should I get a $29 NEC battery
> from JEM or cobble some AA NiCads together? Do you have to have the original
> NEC "brick" in order to recharge the original NEC battery- if so, what are the
> add'l voltages supplied (in addition to the unregulated 12vdc supplied by my
> kludge AC adapter)?

Check out ulite-19 for voltages and other info on the brick. I don't know
off-hand what the internal battery connection pinout is, especially since
I don't have the non-user-replaceable model. The service manual is no help
on this.

-Brian Smithson