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I, Dubious: LKG1-3/L12, DTN 226-5144 23-Jul-1993 1505 ((no email))
Fri, 23 Jul 93 12:05:42 PDT

Another new UltraLite owner here. I recently bought my PC-17-02 at a computer
show in Westford, MA. The company selling them is Technology Resource,
Inc., 249 Cedar Hill St., Marlborough, MA 01752, (508) 481-1400.
The units go for $399, with the external drive, adapter, and LapLink--
not a bad deal. I think these are refurbished units. This list was
a godsend for someone looking for more information on these little

The first UL I got was defective: the "K" key wouldn't work, and the
CHG light on the adapter never went out, despite charging the unit
for days at a time. The company was very cooperative, sending a
replacement unit, asking me to keep the accessories, such as the adapter.
The adapter, again, still seems to be charging the new unit, which leads
me to believe that the adapter, not the battery, may be defective.
The adapter light never goes out.

The UL works perfectly with the charger plugged in, but it displays
a warning and the LOW BATT light goes on when I run the unit off the
battery. I'll have to call TRI for a replacement adapter, I suppose.
The nature of my work allows me to use the UL plugged in most of the
time, so I can live with this idiosyncracy, at least for a little

In all, though, the company seems genuinely interested in pleasing
the customer and could be a good source of accessories and of the
UltraLite itself.

Bill Dubie

Digital Equipment Corporation,
Littleton, Mass.

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reflect those of Digital Equipment Corporation.