new-user q's

eh? ((no email))
Fri, 16 Jul 1993 16:02:19 HST

I've alotta niggling questions about my UL 1702 (bought used), all of which
might easily be answered if I had a hardware manual for same... Anyone know
where I might obtain one? Sam's Photofacts maybe?

anyway- some questions:

I should have the 2mb "silicon disk", but FORMAT shows only about 960kb...
I thot that was cuz the rest served as system ram, but see that the manual
contends one needs TWO 1.4mb floppies to backup a full 2mb ramdisk... am I
missing something here?

Is there a way to "piggy-back" RAM to get a larger "silicom disk"? (hardware
hackers out there?)

Who knows the "parallel port" pinout- is it standard except for connector
size? Izzit possible to use a parallel port floppy on this beast? (JEM has run
out of cheap NEC-UL floppy drives)

I have the "non-user-replaceable" battery case (but no battery)- does someone
know the internal battery connection pinout? Should I get a $29 NEC battery
from JEM or cobble some AA NiCads together? Do you have to have the original
NEC "brick" in order to recharge the original NEC battery- if so, what are the
add'l voltages supplied (in addition to the unregulated 12vdc supplied by my
kludge AC adapter)?

hah! this should get some replies! (I hope).

Aloha and advance mahaloz-
Joel Aycock
Joint Astronomy Centre, Hawaii

PS- I've downloaded all the UL server text files, and maybe all my questions
have already been answered there- but haven't found the info yet... apologies
if this is old stuff.