Re: The recent blurb by SIRI ?

Brian Smithson (
Tue, 15 Jun 1993 07:47:18 -0700

On Jun 15, 7:56am, Iain D. Holness wrote:
> Subject: The recent blurb by SIRI ?
> Might I inquire as to who actually posted that ?
> It was interesting, but I am unsure as to its relevance to the list.
>-- End of excerpt from Iain D. Holness

It was posted by the folks at SIRI. I guess that got ahold of a list-of-lists
and sent to everything they could. I too found it interesting but not terribly
relevant to UltraLiters, and so I sent them a note asking for more information
and complaining about their inappropriate use of other people's mailing lists.

-Brian Smithson