Changing the Bloody 4K Cluster Size...

mycroft ((no email))
Sat, 5 Jun 1993 19:47:59 -0400 (EDT)

Hi. I'm a new subscriber, and have had an Ultralite for less than a year.
I recently read an old archived message on GEnie about changing the
cluster size on the silicon disk to 1K from 4K. This would free up, in
my estimation, 80K or so of the 500K of stuff that usually sits on my
disk; further gains would depend on exactly what's added, but could range
from another 80K to 150.

Unfortunately, the method for changing the boot block (using either
DEBUG or Nortons) was left out of the archive. Does anyone know what
has to be changed to effect the change? And what additional changes
would be needed to change the number of files per directory from 64 to

Or... has anyone come up with an installation of Stacker/Superstore
(which bypass the cluster limit) that wind up with more free space
rather than less when installed on a 2MB Ultralite? The drivers and
necessary utilities take up too much acreage.