Jem has ul batteries for $29 each..

estrada (starnet!apple!!estrada)
Mon, 10 May 93 22:01:46 CST

Hi Ul'ers..!

I just got the latest flier in the mail from Jem Computers and the price

for each ul battery is $29.. their external drives are selling for $39

I think.. The pen-based portable in their 8 mb meg config was lowered

100 bucks to 699...

A word of caution when buying batteries.. tell them you don't want re-
furbished batteries (how do you do that with a sealed package?), they

pulled that one on me the first time and the 2 batteries I ordered did
never charge. I got a quick replacement and they both work well so far..

(I had them for 3 months now). They were $59 back then.. I may take the
risk one more time (will I ever learn!?)..

Sorry if the prices for all the other stuff are not accurate.. I am writing
thiswithout looking at the flyer.. I left it at work..

By the way, does anyone want to sell their Works ROM card?