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Kenneth Kasajian (starnet!apple!!kasajian)
Sat, 3 Apr 93 15:27:01 PST

> NEC ULTRALITE LAPTOP: This NEC 1702 Ultralite is the perfect
> travelling companion. Includes built-in 2400bps modem, 2
> batteries, external 1.44meg floppy drive, 2meg battery-backed RAM
> (used as storage device), 640K RAM, CGA backlit-LCD screen, all
> necessary cables and instruction manuals, and Italian leather NEC
> slipcase. MSDOS 3.3, LAPLINK, and NEC Management Software built
> into ROM. Will also throw in original LAPLINK disks, QMODEM
> terminal program, and other necessary utility programs. Extremely
> light, weighing only 4.4 pounds. Great to take on business trips.
> Will let go for $600 or best offer.
> Thanks!
> Joe

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