NCR 3125 Notepad Information - JEM Information

Douglas Brantley ((no email))
17 Mar 1993 11:22:20 -0800 (PST)

First let me say I am still a very loyal Ultralite user. I have
two Ultralites and do not plan to trash them. The 3125 purchase
was an inexpensive way to get a Windows machine and fool around
with pen-based computing.

Here is the information many of you have rquested:

JEM Computers, Inc.

NCR 3125 Notepad

* 80386 SL CPU running at 20 MHz
* 4 or 8 mb of ram
* 20 mb hard disk
* LCD display, VGA, not backlit
* pen stylus
* I/O adapter with 9-pin serial, 15-pin video,
25-pin parallel, and PS/2 keyboard connector
* external VGA is reported to be 800x600 SVGA
* data transfer cable
(null modem, 9-pin to dual head 25-pin/9-pin)
* power supply (brick-type but with removable standard cable)
* deatachable battery claims 4.5 hours of use
* choice of PenPoint or Windows for Pen Computing which
includes MS-DOS 5.0 and MS-Windows 3.1
* WinConnect (slick client/server file transfer in Windows
or DOS)
* documentation is limited but enough to get you started
* the 3125 is reported to be 4.75 lbs but it seems lighter
to me

JEM is selling the 4 mb units for $599.00 and the 8 mb units for

There is an expansion port for either a floppy or fax/modem board.
Both are very expensive.

There is a memory card slot which is used for the extra memory
card for hte 8 mb units.

JEM has a fax which outlines the units.

NCR has decided to surplus the 3125. They have a new unit, the
3130, which has a 40 or 60 mb hard disk, is fatter and costs about

I have used WinConnect to connect one of my Ultralites. This is a
very nice program. It allows you have the disk drives on the
server available to the client in all of you windows applications.

Check it out, you may like it. If you buy a 3125, consider