Ultralite to Notepad

Douglas Brantley ((no email))
16 Mar 1993 11:41:25 -0800 (PST)

I finally broke down and purchased the external floppy drive for
my Ultralite(s). JEM sold it to me for only $59.00. That is a
deal when compared to the price of internal 3.5 inch drives for
desktop systems.

Has anybody used a parallel-to-SCSI cable with the parallel port
on the floppy drive box?

I am looking at buying either the Trantor or the Always Technology
parallel-to-SCSI interface cable. I will also purchase the Corel
SCSI software. The Corel SCSI software is bundled with the Always


On another note, how many UL owners decided to buy the NCR 3125
Notepad from JEM? I did.

If you did, you may want to subscribe to a mailing list I have
started NOTEPAD-LIST@CERRITOS.EDU. Send a subscribe request to

The 3125 is a unique machine in the same manner as was the UL. It
broke new ground just the UL.

I am lucky to be married to woman who understands the value of a
new computer every two years. I don't drink, I don't smoke, I
just compute! ;^)