Re: Ultralite battery questions

Todd Inch (starnet!apple!!toddi)
Wed, 24 Feb 93 09:14 PST

Actually, the subject was LapLink.

Yes, if you copy LL.EXE from your ROM to another PC, it will work to talk to
your Ultralite just fine. To copy it, use any communications program over
the modem or serial port. Since you are in a University environment, you
should easily be able to find a copy of Kermit for Dos (MS-Kermit) which will
run on your Ultralite and the other PC (or a mainframe) over either the
serial port or modem.

I'm not familiar with llnu or whatever Bart has sent, but I would not send
any LapLink software via mail or over the net since it is copyrighted and
(theoretically) someone could end up in jail.

Since a copy was supposed to be included on disk with your Ultralite and
you are therefore entitled to a copy, I would have no eithical problem
with copying a floppy from somebody although that is still probably
technically illegal.

The LL.EXE on your ROM is a smaller, stripped-down version compared to the
floppy versions, but it works fine for everything I do, so I'd just copy
it if I were in your shoes. g

Good luck!