Re: Ultralite battery questions

Sanjay Sinha (starnet!apple!!sanjay)
Tue, 23 Feb 93 19:29:47 EST

HI folks,
Another new person in the list.
I recently bought a 17-02 from another person at a very satisfactory
price. That machine did not have a working battery.
Working it through AC at home was fine. I had no problems using
all it's features including accessing this account.
The original owner claims he never had laplink. I am kind of stuck
with this machine without laplink...
The central computing people in my Univ were of no help.
IS there a way I can tranfer my copy of LL.EXE to some other
machine using the modem. ( I have microsoft WORKS on card )
If it isp[ossible, I copy of LL in the email would also be helpful.