Re: Ultralite battery questions

Brian Smithson (
Thu, 18 Feb 1993 21:35:28 -0800

On Feb 18, 3:49pm, Bryan QRV Biggers wrote:
> Subject: Ultralite battery questions

It's always nice to see new people joining the list (not to mention some
_traffic_ on the list :-). Welcome!

> [...] It would be nice to find a source for a neatly made original cable,
> though. Anyone know where I can get one?

I can't help you with this one, but...

> [...] does anyone
> know if there was ever a real modification for the Ultralite to convert
> the "non user replaceable" battery machine to a "replaceable" one?

The original modification was performed by NEC. If you had bought an UL
with a non-replaceable battery, you could ship it to the factory and they'd
upgrade you for shipping and labor charges (the battery swap was free).
I'm not sure if an upgrade kit was ever made available outside of NEC.

> I'll call NEC, but I have a feeling that they aren't going to be much help
> on a machine this old.

Worth a try. You can never tell...

> I have also heard mention in 2 places (in a note here in the
> archives, and from a battery distributor that I called) that NEC was
> going to, or did produce some kind of retro-fit package for the
> Ultralite to allow it to run on a different battery type (gee, NiCads, I
> hope?) Does anyone know if there is any truth to this, or is it just
> wishful thinking? Sure be nice to run this off NiCads, or NiMH
> batteries that should be readily obtained.

Hmmm... I've never heard that one!

> Oh OK, just one more question, it looks as if the machine could
> be run off of 12V alone with a little power filtering. Does anyone know
> what the 5V supply on the charger is used for? Is it only for the
> external disk drive? Will the internal modem operate without the 5V?

I wired a socket into mine which essentially bypasses and replaces the
battery, and I plug it into a small 12v switching supply. I haven't tried
running the external floppy with that configuration, but the modem certainly
works OK.

-Brian Smithson