Re: AC-Brick tricks?

Sean M Burke ((no email))
Mon, 25 Jan 93 21:55:04 EST

> Second, what is currently being done to overcome that short-cabled fiasco
> NEC called a power supply? Seems I once saw someone mention the pinouts were
> the same as Macintosh AppleTalk cabling... if not, where might I buy a
> longer cable, or quick-rig some sort of compromise?

The power cable connector is the same as either an Appletalk cable or an
Apple (yuk!) serial cable. I made a short cable that connects to 4 AA cells
to run my floppy drive when I'm away from the power supply, but I'm hesitant
to try making an extension cord because the serial/appletalk wires may be too
small to handle the power demands of the ul, thus possibly doing harm to the
power brick. And at NEC's prices, I don't want to do that.

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