Elusive Serial Cable/Plug

Todd Inch (starnet!apple!mav.com!toddi)
Mon, 25 Jan 93 09:00 PST

I'm using "Bus Mouse Extension" cables that I've hacked one end off to make
my own (I believe in RJ-11 jacks for serial with xon/xoff handshaking only).

I got them from Dalco - 800-445-5342, who has fair quality good price cables
and connectors of all types (well, they don't sell just the plug, so maybe
not ALL types :-). Stock #79310 is 6 foot, 9 pin (of course) Male to Female
for $7.85. Would make a nice extension for your DB-25 adapter as-is.

Now, has anybody actually built a cigarette-lighter adapter cable for power?
I wouldn't necessarily need to charge the molicel unless perhaps the long
skinny battery is discharged when the requested adapter is connected? It
looked like, from the pinouts previously mailed on this list, that there
was about 12V, charging current, and 5V for the expansion bus. Can anyone
confirm/deny this? This would also allow me/us to use a standard 12VDC
supply instead of the normal AC adapter/charger, which would meet my need
for having one at home and one at work. Anybody experimented further?