someone wants to buy an UL

Brian Smithson (
Sun, 24 Jan 1993 12:19:43 -0800

In case one of you folks has a spare, here's someone who wants to buy:
From: (Sanjay Sinha)
Subject: WANTED: NEC ultralite 17-02 or 17-01
Keywords: (sub)note book search.
Message-ID: <>
Date: 24 Jan 93 00:50:25 GMT
Distribution: na
Organization: University of Pennsylvania, Language Analysis Center

I am looking these specific models of NEC notebooks, which are
unfortunately not in production any more.
I would prefer to have microsoft Works on a flash card along with
it but is not essential.

If you are dying to get rid of this please email me and we can work
something out.
Sanjay Sinha
Language Analysis Center, University of Pennsylvania.


-Brian Smithson