Re: anyone still there..!?

Douglas Brantley ((no email))
24 Jan 1993 09:22:34 -0800 (PST)

>1) Floppy drives for the UltraLite: I contacted JEM Computers (617/254-5500)
> and ordered a "refurbished" drive from them. Their current price was $79.
> I've had it for about one month and have noticed no problems. It has
> turned out to be quite useful.

My external floppy is in my VAXstation 3100 running SoftPC or Pathworks
PCDISK. But sometimes I wish I had purchased the NEC floppy for
home use.

>2) I just ordered a replaceable rechargable battery, also from JEM. Their
> current price is $59. I thought I'd order an extra one in case/if the
> one in my UltraLite starts acting up.

Now this was the NEC battery wasn't it? I have had one go south
on me. With two UL's, one at home and another in my desk at work,
I have three MoliCels (plus the dead one).

>3) The elusive 9-pin DIN connector (for the external serial port): After
> reading the archives, I couldn't believe that this thing was that hard
> to find. I thought, "Surely Fry's must have these!" (Fry's (Electronics)
> is an electronics store here in Silicon Valley.) I stopped by there
> (in Sunnyvale, CA) yesterday, and sure enough, they had them!! I bought
> one (all of $1.79) even though I didn't need it, just to make sure it
> fits and everything -- it fits fine!

By what you are saying, can we assume that you did NOT get the
NEC 9-pin Mini-DIN RS232 cable when you purchased the UL?

How was the cable packaged at Fry's? It must have been a generic
cable. Or was it a MAC cable?

There is a Fry's here in Southern California also. For those
of you that have not been to a Fry's or even seen their ads, it
is a very interesting place. On one side of the aisle you have
486 PC's and the on the other side you will find bulk packaged
toilet paper and light bulbs.

doug brantley