Re: anyone still there..!? (2)

Douglas Brantley ((no email))
23 Jan 1993 08:41:55 -0800 (PST)

> It has been a while since this list showed life, so here's
> a repetition of an old idea that seems all the more relevant
> to the continued utility of our diskless machines: can we
> adapt the card interface we have to the growing PCMCIA
> standard. How many Ultralites exist ? Is it enough of a
> market to justify the design/production of such a product...

Sorry, but while this may sound like a good idea I do not believe the
market is there. Most folks consider old PC's to be disposable and
would not want to invest any more money in such a device.

Second, I believe most of us never purchased the UL for the rom card
slot anyway. I never found the software offered to be very
interesting. And the cost was way too high for my budget.

doug brantley