1M > 2M

Kenneth Kasajian (starnet!apple!netcom.com!kasajian)
Tue, 5 Jan 93 1:14:34 PST

I bought a 1 meg UL from a computer show for $200... I ran home and
installed Stacker 2.0 on it (which was kinda tricky.. had to create
a ram disk to hold just enough of it.... then when I rebooted it
I got my doubled hard disk with only stacker.com.. felt like juggling
chainsaws.. ) I'm now successfully use telix, qedit and polyFORTH
on it and still have about 450K free.. But it sure would be nice
to have a 2 meg silicon disk.

Does anyone know how I can upgrade my 1 meg hard disk to a 2 meg?
How much money am I looking at?