Re: Battery alternatives

Wayne Fiori ((no email))
Sun, 13 Dec 92 23:20:56 PST

You wrote:
> It seems that lots of folks are having problems with their batteries going
> dead. I've had some thoughts on this, since my own battery doesn't last two
> hours like it's supposed to.
> What I'm envisioning is an extension that bolts onto the bottom of the
> Ultralite using the existing bolt holes. This extension would contain a
> batch of ordinary rechargeables (AA's or something). This extension would
> add about 1/2 an inch to the thickness of the ultralite and would add maybe
> a pound to the weight, but hopefully would have capacity to power the
> computer for, say, eight hours or more.
> What do you all think? Would increasing the dimensions and weight of the
> ultralite to this extent spoil it, or would the increased battery life and
> ease of battery replacement be worth it?
> Kip Ingram

Shouldn't this work if the current and voltage of the alternative battery
pack match the molicel? Obviously I'm clueless as a hardware person. I
assume just replacing the molicel with NiCad batteries wouldn't allow the
recharger to work and could possibly cause some damage.

Just call me clueless and the proud owner of a dead molicell.

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