Got them Ulite Molicel blues...

Darryl Davidson ((no email))
Sat, 12 Dec 1992 17:39 EST

Just under a year ago, I bought a U-lite and assorted goodies from DAK.
Shortly after that, the 2nd battery I purchased went dead. They took
care of things under warranty. Now, another has gone dead. What gives?
I didn't exactly believe NEC's claim that they'd never fall victim to
the Ni-cad memory problems, but I also have never had a battery pack
that was THIS quick to become a problem.

Since 'What Gives' isn't exactly a precise question, let me rephrase this
into two related queries. First, how common is this sort of behavior?
Second, what sort of options currently exist for replacing these things?
Who is likely to sell me a battery that hasn't been sitting on a shelf, isn't
likely to be quick to this problem, and doesn't cost over a hundred dollars?

And has anyone found a third-party market we can turn to? Perhaps there
is a chance of our collectively pursuading someone to make a compatible
battery... I know one such NiCad source I spoke to 'was always interested
in new requests.'

When I spoke with the local NEC-Authorized repair/dealer, they told me
that the Molicel has a 'redesign' that requires some piece of added
hardware ($12 he estimated) as well as paying NEC $100 for the battery and
waiting a few weeks for them to find one, since the local warehouse was
out of stock. When I called DAK, the sales-and-orders folks can't
find product price/info without a item number... anybody know this so I
can price one before I wait for a catalog from them?