battery problems- seeking solutions

estrada (starnet!apple!!estrada)
Sat, 31 Oct 92 09:46:14 CST

Hello UL users.

The time finally came where my Molicel battery died. I called JEM computers
and ordered 2 batteries. Has anyone had any experience dealing with this
people before and are the impressions on both service and product positive?
Also, after my Molicel died, my internal battery, the one powering the NVRAM
won't hold charge any longer. Can I substitute that battery with any other
rechargable that mee ts the specs or is this another special battery? Has
anyone obtained replacements for this battery and if so from where? My last
question is: what's the best way to test the batteries for compliance to specs?
Also, any trouble shooting on battery problems symptoms is welcome.


Dave Estrada