Re: ROM cards/PCMCIA

Fritz Friedlaender (starnet!apple!!fritzj)
Thu, 22 Oct 92 19:02:29 -0500

Just compared the cards, so this is an "authoritative" response.
The cards are the same size but the PCMCIA is a little thicker. I didn't
measure it because the pin arrangement on the two cards is quite different,
so much so that I did not even bother to count the number of pins which
is probably different. Does anyone care?
Anthony Stieber's comments, however, are very pertinent. Unfortunately,
nobody (except for old NEC stock?) is making cards for the Ultralite -
I would like a 4MB RAM card at a reasonable price - but PCMCIA cards
for the HP95LX are coming down in price where, one of these years,
a 4MB SRAM PCMCIA card with software to access it (Anthony, is it correct
that that is the max. that can be read by the HP?) will be affordable.
The software is needed since, I believe, only 2MB are accessible otherwise.
Please correct me!
It is somewhat incongruous that soon, more internal memory will be available,
without compression, on the 12 oz. HP than on the 4.4 lb Ultralite.