Re: ROM cards/PCMCIA

Anthony J Stieber ((no email))
Thu, 22 Oct 92 14:56:20 CDT

-> From: sean matthew burke <decwrl!starnet!grot!starnet!apple!!sburke@uwm.UUCP>
-> Can anyone tell me how the size of an Ultralite ROM card compares with
-> a PCMCIA card? With the forthcoming release of HP's Kittyhawk Hard Drive,
-> I wonder if it would be possible to do a little interface work and end up
-> with a UL that goes in at say 4.45 lbs =) and has a 20MB drive?

I have never seen an Ultralite ROM card, but a PCMCIA card is almost
exactly the same size as all of my credit cards. The corners are just
rounded differently. PCMCIA cards vary in thickness: Type I 3.3mm,
Type II 5mm, and Type III 10.5mm. Type I cards are about the thickness
of four credit cards. As it happens the Kittyhawk is 10.5mm thick and
will draw quite a bit of power, but there is probably some way to get
it hooked up to an Ultralite.

By the way, it's very likely that some company will make an external
drive using the Kittyhawk for the HP-95LX. There isn't enough space
inside the HP to fit the Kittyhawk, and it's likely the interface will
be through the serial port since the HP doesn't have a parallel port.
Such a drive will probably work on the Ultralite as well. An employee
at Sparcom is gathering information for possibly selling a Kittyhawk
based product. Tell him there is a market for Ultralite users.
Email him at

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