Re: Thumbelina. . . .

Brian Smithson (
Wed, 7 Oct 1992 14:56:23 -0700

On Oct 7, 4:52pm, Sean M Burke wrote:
> Subject: Thumbelina. . . .
> I remember someone mentioning that they had used an Appoint Thumbelina with
> their ultralite.
> I would like to know how it has worked out. I recently ordered one to
> replace my full-sized Logitech Trackman (about 1/3 the size of the ultralite
> itself) and would like to hear about it.

It was me. I too replaced a Trackman Portable with the Thumbelina.
The Trackman has a much better mounting mechanism and is probably a lot
more precise for doing graphics and stuff like that, but I find the
Thumbelina's tiny size makes up for that (at least for general point-n-grunt
uses). The worst things about the Thumbelina were:

- It wasn't black. Neither was the Trackman, though...

- It has a really lousy mounting mechanism which I found utterly useless on
the UltraLite. I ended up using that heavy-duty velcro-like stuff directly
on the side of the Trackman itself and have put the little "cradle" on a
shelf somewhere.

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