someone wanting to buy an UltraLite

Brian Smithson (brian)
Wed, 23 Sep 92 06:19 PDT

Hey, maybe I should get a comission on these buy/sell things? Anyhow,
someone posted this to comp.sys.laptops:

> I'm looking for one of the original NEC Ultralight notebook computers,
> preferably with the 2Mb memory and an external drive.
> Any pointers to a distributor that still has these will be appreciated.
> *1110 W. Green/Urbana IL 61801/217-333-0505/
> * for sale: Springfield Armory Factory Comp, 38 Super, +3 mags. All new
> * in box (never fired at all). $650 or best offer over $600 as of Sep 30.

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