Changing Cluster Size

Hardy M. Cook (starnet!apple!!hmcook)
Tue, 15 Sep 1992 10:19:14 EDT

I recently joined the Ultralite List and began reading the digests in order.
About half way through reading them, I decided that I was ready to change
my cluster size. (I have the 2MEG, PC-17-02, model.

I used the Norton Disk Editor to change Offset 13 from 08 to 02; then I
changed Offset 22 from 02 to 08 with really strange results. A large
number appeared in the first column of the Partition Table screen I
worked in. The first format did not take (Error Writing to FAT).

I rebooted from D:, reformated and started again.

When I when back to Disk Editor the Cluster Size remained at 02, but the
FAT size read 03. I when back to Disk Editor changed the 03 to 08 and
started over, ending up with the same amount of free disk space I had
when I began. I repeated the procedure again with the same result --
my Cluster Size reads 02, my FAT size reads 03, and my remaining disk
space is the same as when I began.

Can anyone help me out?

Hardy M. Cook