Re: batteries and cables (was UL WANTED!)

Brian Smithson (brian@grot.uucp)
Fri, 11 Sep 92 8:22:42 PDT

> i dont know if this goes just to Bryan or the whole list...
> so in case it does...

It went to the whole list. Good save! :-)

> does anyone know where the best sources for the serial cable
> and the removable power supply (molicell). NEC is a bit too $$$.

DAK seemed to have the best prices on batteries. The serial cable
is easy to make if you can get a 9-pin mini-DIN connector. 9-pin mini-DINs
are, for some reason, rather scarce. One of the list subscribers scoured
all of Europe looking for them! The only place I found them in the US was
through a custom cable supplier here in Silicon Valley. They get them
from a supplier somewhere in Florida. Details are in the UltraLite digest #20
(the particular message was dated 12/14/91). The connector came as part of
a cable, which you'd need to cut up and then add your own DB25 or DB9

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