Re: BatteryWatch & DGsetup & BATCH files

Brian Smithson (brian@grot.uucp)
Thu, 10 Sep 92 6:07:24 PDT

OK, OK, here's the deal on replies to mail you get from the ultralite-list:

I insert a "reply-to" header in messages so that replies will default to
go to the whole list. This is set up as the default because it is what
one normally wants to do, e.g. someone asks a general question on the list
and the answers are posted back to the list.

Not all mail programs obey the reply-to header, and so you really need to
check your own mail program and see what it does. Try not to send mail
to the whole list "as a test" because there are about 90 people worldwide
who will get your test message.

If you want to reply to someone individually, chances are good that you'll
need to address the message manually. I don't alter the From: header on
messages, and so you should be able to use that header to get the address.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming...

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