ultralite-list has found a new host

Brian Smithson (brian@king.ca41.csd.mot.com)
Fri, 4 Sep 1992 10:35:26 -0700

The ultralite-list has found a new host system. I'll still be maintaining
the list, but since my employment at Motorola is coming to an end, I needed
to find a new host system for it. A local public access system has graciously
agreed to set up forwarding and what-not to support the list.

The new addresses are as follows:

List submissions: ultralite-list@starnet.starconn.com

Subscription requests: ultralite-list-request@starnet.starconn.com

Administrative stuff (list): ultralite-list-owner@starnet.starconn.com

Mail-based archive access: ultralite-archive@starnet.starconn.com

Administrative stuff (archive): ultralite-archive-owner@starnet.starconn.com

Basically everything is the same, except that instead of "@csd.mot.com",
it's now "@starnet.starconn.com".

So let's see some traffic!

-Brian Smithson
 Motorola Inc., Computer Group
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 post-Motorola: brian@starnet.starconn.com, apple!starnet!brian

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