Mailing list woes

Brian Smithson (brian)
Fri, 14 Aug 92 15:40:35 PDT

This morning, Motorola announced that it will be closing its San Jose facility
and consolidating the operation into its Computer Group headquarters in
Tempe, AZ. What that means is that this mailing list will need a new home.
Timing for the facility closure isn't clear at this point, but it is likely
to occur between one and two months from now.

I'm not real keen on the idea of relocating to Tempe, and so the mailing list
can't move there. It may be that I can set something up through my next job
or through a public access service, but by leaving Motorola I'm losing both
my access to the net and the machine on which the mailing list and archives
are handled.

Is there anyone out there who would like to take on the operation of the
mailing list and archives? If you're interested or have questions, please
send them directly to me at


-Brian Smithson
 Motorola Inc., Computer Group
 2001 Logic Drive, San Jose, CA 95124 USA, (408)369-4104, {apple | pyramid}!motcsd!brian