BatteryWatch & DGsetup & BATCH files

Eli Brian Goldberg (
Fri, 7 Aug 1992 13:20:27 -0400 (EDT)

I just got my hands on BatteryWatch Pro version 4. It seems like a very
nicely done program; it can put a "window" on your Ultralite screen saying
how much time is left in your battery, etc. Alas, it doens't have enough
sense to figure out whether or not the screen's on high or what the CPU
speed is, so you have to tell it so it can calculate the battery time.
(It's impossiblef or it to figure out how much battery power is actually left,
so it has a preset battery life for the computer, and after using it more and
more and taking all the data automatically, it will give a more and more
accurate battery life of your battery. It uses 300K on the HD at 2.2
stacker compression, so it's rather useful for about 140K... ;-) It also
uses about 15K system RAM for the pop-up TSR. I'll have a more detailed post in
a month after I use it every day for a few weeks when I take my Ultralite
to class.

Speaking of which, how do I get my hands on DGsetup? I've collected enough
utilities that are wonderfully useful when I take my machine out of the
charger, but are a pain in the ass when they're used while it's on the desktop.
In other words, I'll end up writing some batch file to ask the user whether
or not he's sitting at home or going out, and then set the CPU speed,
backlight, BatteryWatch on or off, etc. I don't believe setup is capable
of doing this...