UL parts - NOT cards for slot

Mon, 3 Aug 92 16:46 EDT

Just to clarify my "Parts for Sale" mail to the UL list:

>If you have a 1M RAM, now is the time to upgrade to 2M !!
>** 2 Meg NV-RAM card (Works fine - easy to unplug and swap) **
^^^^^ ****- i.e. no soldering required
*---- NOT a card for the slot. It is for drive C:
It is the internal circuit board.

>Maybe you want to experiment with a custom ROM and drive D:
>** Built-in DOS ROM board (works fine - NOT for the card slot)

This is the same as the DOS already in the UL.
Special insight is required to replace/reprogram these ROMs.
Does anyone know the format of the files on D: in this ROM ?
Surface-mount soldering is required to replace them. That is
why you might need an extra board for experimenting.

NOTE: Neither of these is for the card slot ! They are not plug-in cards.
They are internal circuit boards. If you already have 2M NVRAM, you
cannot (easily?) add this. If you have 1M, you can replace it with this
2M. Nothing here is for the card slot (except the Word Perfect ROM card
which sold already).

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